McDonald's Korea to increase prices of 13 items next week

McDonald's Korea said Thursday it will increase the price of 13 menu items by an average 3.7 percent, including the signature Big Mac, next week due to higher food and shipping costs.

Under the plan, the price of a Big Mac will rise 300 won to 5,500 won ($4.06) on Nov. 2, while that of a McSpicy Shanghai Burger and Bulgogi Burger will also increase by 300 won each, according to the Korean unit of the US fast food chain.

The price of an Egg Bulgogi Burger will go up 400 won, and that of an Iced Drip Coffee will go up 200 won.

But the price of a Happy Meal, a children's set that includes a Bulgogi Burger, and the price of McLunch items will be unchanged, the company said.

The food chain also raised prices in February.

McDonald's Korea said soaring ingredients and shipping costs led to the planned price hike. (Yonhap)